July 17th, 2006


Can’t confirm the reports on what the Nats want (including here and here), but Sanchez and at least one other well-regarded prospect would not be surprising. Washington has a crowded trading block, but Soriano is the one player they can score big on if they deal him. That’s going to be hard to do for somebody who’s a free agent at year’s end and is expected to test the market Between his potential for a big contract, his list of suitors, and the good chance somebody will be willing to let him play second base, the Tigers would have to look at him to rent rather than buy. The Nationals want young pitching, but it’s believed they’d also like to add another middle infielder with Jose Vidro likely gone. I can’t say for sure the Tigers wouldn’t go for Soriano, but whoever gets him, it’s more likely to happen closer to July 31 as the Nationals come to grips with the difference between what they’re asking and what teams are offering.