Sunday wrapup

I can’t tell you how surprised I was to find no emails in my box asking why Jim Leyland would rest Ivan Rodriguez, Magglio Ordonez and Placido Polanco all on the same day just days after the All-Star break. There’s been feedback on that usually every time he does it. Maybe winning the first three games of the series placated Tigers fans, maybe everyone read my pregame notebook on it, or maybe Sunday’s internet traffic wasn’t very heavy. But I’ll explain anyway …

Leyland gave the days off to prevent injuries. It’s no secret that Pudge has been banged up, and Leyland is still working to keep Polanco’s back and Ordonez’s knee from becoming major issues again. So really, the better question is why Leyland would rest all three on the same day. First, Leyland had days off for Carlos Guillen Saturday and Curtis Granderson Friday, so at some point he was going to have to rest mutiple regulars. By resting the three on Sunday, he essentially uses Monday’s off day to give them back-to-back days of rest. It’s a trick Alan Trammell liked to use, too.

Other items of interest:

  • Chris Shelton said he was trying to make an aggressive play when he attempted to tag up from second base in the fifth inning. Leyland, who has long touted aggressiveness from his baserunning, said nothing except that they ran the bases poorly as a team today. That says plenty about the play.
  • Shelton’s baserunning aside, he and Craig Monroe were among the few Tigers hitters who were working the count on Scott Elarton, which is pretty disappointing on a 90-some degree day. The Tigers were retired in order on six pitches in both the third and fourth innings, which is tough to take even on a pleasant day. It’s a reminder that this is still a free-swinging lineup.
  • So if the Tigers lineup is already free-swinging, predominantly right-handed and loves to hit fastballs, what exactly would Alfonso Soriano bring to this team?
  • Not sure if you read any of the comments from White Sox players and Ozzie Guillen, but their comments about the upcoming series even before Chicago’s loss Sunday sounded like a team that was not looking at themselves as the club with the upper hand in the series. They stopped short of calling this a must-win series, but not by much. There sounds like a fear of falling more than a half-dozen games behind the Tigers. Of course, it could all be a mental ploy.


I just figured he was doing the back-to-back trick with 3 of our main guys. And I’m really starting to wonder if Brandon Inge ever got taught the fundementals of hitting? I honestly never criticize players because they do stuff I can’t but even I know when to work a count, and I’m 18.

I was just wondering if anyone else out there stuggles with listening to Rod Allen on the FSN telecasts? I think if I hear stellar, nice player, scuffling, or partner one more time….To me the man shows no creativity, or interesting insights. I am really tired of the way he makes ever opposing player sound like he is the greatest ever…Maybe it is just me if so I’ll shut up and turn the sound down…

jvguru, turn the sound down! I think the combo of Rod and Mario is contemporary and even. I’ve listened to several other commentary duos in opposing Tigers’ markets…believe me, Rod is a dream come true compared to these guys and he is actually quite knowledgeable about the game. He and Mario are quick to point out our (Tiger’s) flaw and celebrate out competition, but they are also some of our loudest cheerleaders. They never waiver. As far as the repetitive use of words, well over 162 games how many different ways can YOU say “good” “bad” “player” etc…? Keep up the good work Rod and Mario. I, and my family, will be watching AND listening.

Rod and Mario are a LOT better’n most. If you have the Big League ticket, and get to hear the announcers from around the league, at least these two point out flaws, congratulate the opposing teams on their good play, and are generally forthright. The White Sox announcers are enough to make one want to STOP watching baseball.
I know Shelton is young, and in a position to improve, but what does everybody else think of Todd Helton in a Tiger uniform? I would LOVE to see it. Good fielder, lefty, some power…..he would be a good fit, I think.

Mario and Rod make me want Josh Lewin and Gibby back and that’s saying a lot because I hated Josh.
Helton would be an interesting choice and way better than any thought of Soriano. I could handle Abreu but would suggest trading Monroe if that’s how things end up.

How long is Marcus Thames signed for? Dave Dombrowski’s kids go to my school (it’s K-12 with 4 campuses) and I’ve seriously thought about looking up his number in the directory and calling him to tell him to lock him up for at least 3 or 4 years.

Shelton’s play is probably the worst baserunning mistake that I’ve seen all season. I don’t think Granderson could have made it to 3rd on that play and we all know how much faster he is than Shelton.

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