May 27th, 2006

Tuesday's starter

It’ll be Roman Colon. Leyland announced it in his pregame interview. He’s already stretched out after Thursday’s game, and it doesn’t hurt them tremendously in the bullpen because they brought up another reliever in Maroth’s place. Colon won’t be on a tight pitch count, and could even go 100 pitches if he’s pitching well against the Yankees. The other candidates Leyland said he had been considering were JordanTata and Wilfredo Ledezma at Triple-A Toledo and Humberto Sanchez at
Double-A Erie. Leyland wouldn’t commit to saying Colon will hold down the spot for as long as Maroth is out, but that’s partly because he doesn’t know how long he’ll be out.

On that topic, Maroth said he’ll fly out to California to see Dr. Lewis Yocum Wednesday for tests on his elbow. Yocum is another specialist along the same line as Dr. Andrews, for those who haven’t heard of him.