May 15th, 2006

Twins to start Liriano

But not against Detroit. Instead, Francisco Liriano will take Carlos Silva’s slot, which comes up Friday against Milwaukee. The Tigers will most likely see Silva at some point in the series, the way manager Ron Gardenhire described the need to get Silva going again, but they wouldn’t figure to see Liriano. Despite the way Detroit roughed up Liriano in that 18-1 win a couple weeks ago, I’m sure the Tigers aren’t going to miss him.

Here’s the story from’s Twins beat writer, Kelly Thesier:

Gardenhire made it a point to stress that the move is not permanent,
but a temporary solution to give Silva more chances to work on his
throwing in game situations rather than letting the pressure build up
to every five days. The extra time in the bullpen will also allow Silva
to work more with Anderson on some drills to see if they can fix the

Exactly how long it will take Silva to regain form is
uncertain, but Gardenhire doesn’t expect it to be a long process. He
made it clear that he considers Silva one of the team’s starters and
that he will rejoin the rotation once he figures out how to regain his
lost confidence.

"He’s got to be one of our starters for us to be successful,"
Gardenhire said. "But the first thing you have to work on with a
pitcher is to get his confidence back up. Right now his confidence is
shot. He’s a bit lost. We’re going to try to get him some good outings
out of the bullpen and try to get his confidence back up and get him
back in the rotation that way. Because he will get back in the rotation
as soon as he finds his confidence and gets his sinker going, and that
shouldn’t take very long, we’re hoping."